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"Competition" Headrest


For the 1M, M2 (also available for the F20 – F21 – F22 – F23), F30 – F31 – F32 – F33

"Competition " Headrest

At the introduction of the M2 in 2016 , many potential buyers expressed at the time via BMW forums their dissatisfaction with the lack of M- sports-seats and the choice of the regular sports-seats of the 1 and 2 Series. However , with the arrival of the M2 Competition this changed and the M3/M4 seat was offered as an option at an additional cost.

A little consolation is that all internal parts are the same and so is the fit and the lateral support , however with a wider upper section on the M seat ( which is placed ,as it were,on the "regular"backrest) and the continous and conically shaped headrest , there is a great design difference and appearance.

To compensate and optimize the design of the regular sports seats , we have therefore developed a full headrest with the same shape as the M seat which means that the regular sports seat is now highly distinctive and has a racy look.


Price per Pair

Price per pair of the original rectangular M2 headrests € 500,-

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