Less plastic, more

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For M2 LCI, M2 Competition , F20 LCI , F21 LCI , F22 LCI


The optional M Performance Carbon Fiber interior package for the M2 Competition , as well as the F21 LCI , F22 LCI , consist of 4 parts, while the same package for the M2 pre LCI , F21 pre LCI , and F22 pre LCI consist of 6 parts , so including 2 air vents.

Because of the very small fragile 90 degrees ,,angle”( see photo) it is a difficult product to produce and makes it less suitable for the production of large numbers , which probably explains the lack thereof.

In addition , we supply the missing Carbon Fiber air vents for the LCI dashboard to complete the dashboard-design.

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The price is per set of 2

An extensive intallation-manual is included.
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