Less plastic, more

BMW Alcantara casing (LCI)


Speedometer/tachometer casing (M2, M2c, M2cs and 1- and 2-series) " From about 05/2017 "


The contours of the lower center part of the top of the housing of the Combi-Instrument have inspired us to come to a premium and harmonious design of a beautiful and restrained Alcantara hood for the LCI dashboard.

The fit is OEM.

Also with this hood there is a high-quality , 3 mm thick , fine-meshed foam mat between the plastic hood and the REAL Alcantara.

Covering the plastic cover with Alcantara is quite labor-intensive and really requires old-fashioned craftmanship.

The assembly can be carried out by anyone within a few minutes without tools and WITHOUT permanent damage !

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