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Car sun visors Alcantara


For the 1M, M2, M2c, M2cs, M3, M3 (G80), M4 & M4(G82) ( + F20 , F21 , F2, F23, F30 ,F31 , F32 , F36, F40 )

Car sun visors are often used (low-hanging sun or … the vanity mirror)

Based on the many requests to adopt sun visors with a premium look into the supply programme, we decided to translate words into deeds.

This further reduces the amount of plastic in the car interior. Another advantage is that the Airbag stickers many find so unsightly, are no longer present either.

(The removal of the airbag sticker is very difficult and also leaves an ugly imprint!)

Naturally, you can choose from all the yarn colors that BMW incorporates in the interior of the F series.

The price is per set of two.

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An extensive intallation-manual is included.
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