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Carbon Fiber Gearselector knob DKG


M2 (DKG) & M2 (DKG) Competition

The beautifull , with ,, Dry” Carbon Fiber laminated M2-DKG gear-selector-knob is part of the 3-piece BMW PERFORMANCE interior package (  gear-selector knob – gear-selector flat surround and handbrake handle.  Price approx. €475,- )
However , these 3 products are not available by BMW separately.

Our Carbon Fiber lamination- quality is equivalent to BMW.

Assembly is easy and a manual is included

An extensive intallation-manual is included.
Hello Bimmermasterpieces team,
I've seen a lot of interior refinements in my life - but your work beats everything - the knee pad is absolutely top notch in terms of workmanship and fit! As well as the hood for the instrument cluster in Alcantara - a TOP job!!! It virtually adapts itself to the contour of the dashboard!!! I can only praise you highly! Keep it up, it won't be the last thing I order from you!

Happy New Year in 2024 - and all the best!!
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