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Carbon Fiber Stone Battle Neutralizer


All M2 Models

Function & Design : Carbon Fiber Stone Battle Neutralizer

The transparant foil on the wide rear mudguards of the M2 is intended by BMW to prevent stone chips from the front wheels from causing serious paint damage.

In practice , this proves to be an adequate solution for 85% , but unfortunately , however therefore stones still form the unprotected area and occasionally cause paint damage in this respect.

Heavier stones ( a lot of kinetic energy ) sometimes damage and pierce the protective film and even worse the underlying paint layer , sometimes resulting in rust.

The costs of re-applying the original foil are : € 128 + 3 workshop hours.

In order to also have to repair any paint damage , a total cost of approximately € 900 must be taken into account. To prevent the above described, we have tackled the ,, Evil ‘at the source by developing a solid CRUSHED STONE NEUTRALIZER and made of Carbon Fiber and polyethylene.

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With reference to the accompanying photo material , you can conclude that we have fitted a profile on the inside to optimize rapid water drainage

This product is not provided with a high-gloss lacquer layer because in practice it has been found that this lacquer layer was damaged very quickly.


The installation is very simple and using the original 5 mm holes. Furthermore , original double-sided BMW tape ( see photo ) applied on the inside.

All mounting materials as well as a sheet with mounting instructions are included.

Price per set

An extensive intallation-manual is included.
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