Less plastic, more

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Doorpanel design upgrade


For the M2, M2c, M2cs (also available for the F21 – F22 – F23)

75% of the door-panel surface consists of a rather hard and somewhat shiny plastic. To compensate for this appearance, we have upholstered it with a highly bendable, 1.3-mm- thin synthetic strip with the original Alcantara and added it to the existing delivery programme. The premium metamorphosis that this subtle Alcantara strip has caused is almost unimaginable!

The strip on the backside has been equipped with special 3M tape. As with all our products, this part can be removed at any time without causing any damage.

Available in 6 versions.

Please note this product is 100% handmade.

The price is per set of two.

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different outings ( see selection menu )

An extensive intallation-manual is included.
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