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Knee rest


For M2, M2c, M2cs, M3 & M4 ( + F20 , F21 , F2, F23, F30 ,F31 , F32 , F36, F40 )

On the side of the centre console, in the M2 of BMW, a knee rest (lateral knee side) was installed (see photo), in order to support the knee during long journeys and while taking sharp turns. However, given the positioning and the short length, this knee rest offers support exclusively to very short people driving! Therefore, we have significantly increased the length, making the knee rest functional for other drivers as well. For more comfort we put 50% extra foam rubber into our Knee-rest.

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BMW M3/M4: Original nappaleather ( Black )

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An extensive intallation-manual is included.
  • Installing is done using special tape, to prevent permanent damage and to make it possible to replace the original rest at any time!
  • The leather we use is exactly the same as the original!
  • We only use the original yarncolors.
  • Made in the Netherlands

You couldn’t find your Alcantara-color combination? Send us an email: info@bimmermasterpieces.com

Hello Bimmermasterpieces team,
I've seen a lot of interior refinements in my life - but your work beats everything - the knee pad is absolutely top notch in terms of workmanship and fit! As well as the hood for the instrument cluster in Alcantara - a TOP job!!! It virtually adapts itself to the contour of the dashboard!!! I can only praise you highly! Keep it up, it won't be the last thing I order from you!

Happy New Year in 2024 - and all the best!!
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