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BMW Alcantara casing


Speedometer / tachometer casing (M2 and 1- and 2-series) " Until about 05/2017 "


The interior of the M2 is, except for a few carbon parts, virtually similar to the basis 2-series, as opposed to the BMW 1M and M3/M4. According to many BMW Forum member and numerous automotive journalists, the premium interior appearance that had been expected of the M2 was unfortunately not delivered.

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That is why we have manufactured a striking Alcantara casing as well as a leather casing for the speedometer/tachometer casing. Due to the optical effect, the interior will look much more noble and racy and is, as such, more highly distinctive from the basis 2-series. In addition, we offer an Alcantara or leather cladded casing for both the 1-series and 2-series (see images), as well as many other high quality premium items (see our website) that are in complete harmony with the existing interior, which results in a strong sense of upgrade.

Product information:

Plastic Case , ready for the Upholstery – department


The casing is manufactured with premium synthetic plastic and is able to withstand temperatures up 92 degrees Celsius, before deformation occurs. The casing is cladded with a class 1 type of Alcantara, which is the same type as used by BMW. Also, the Alcantara colour is similar to the one applied by BMW. In short, this product level is in accordance with the factory default.

Fitting: The casing is moulded in such a way that the fitting can be performed by anyone. Due to the particular shape of the casing, we have succeeded in applying a tight fitting which, once the casing is installed, will keep it in place, thanks to the upright edge, without the need for resources such as glue. You should also know that due to the presence of a deep “recess” around the hood in the original dashboard, our hood “sinks” into it, which creates a perfect fit. Fitting as well as dismantling can be done within 10 minutes. For you, it is important to know that dismantling of the casing will not leave any traces.

  • The Alcantara colour of the Performance steeringwheel is Black and is not the same colour as the Alcantara colour (Black-grey) of the 1 and 2 series-models interior!
  • The dashboard of the M2, 1 Serie (F-modell) and 2 Serie is exactly the same.
  • The Leather we use is exactly the same as original!
  • We only use the original yarncolors.
  • We deliver all our Casing models with blue, white , red or black yarn ( Sent a mail )
  • Also available for Righthand-Drive Model
  • Only on pre June 2017 models
  • Made in the Netherlands

But don’t just take our word for this. Look at what our customers say:

You couldn’t find your Alcantara-color combination? Send us an email: info@bimmermasterpieces.com

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